The user interface for this software has been designed so even the most novice computer user will feel comfortable being Show Secretary. The screens below show some of the major areas of the program (click on the screens for a larger picture). You can download an evaluation copy of the program to play with so you can see first hand what the user interface looks and feels like.

-Agility Unscrambled supports both NADAC and ASCA.
-Agility Unscrambled supports Windows versions 8,10,11
-Agility Unscrambled now supports Agility Gate!

Click here to see all the Reports Agility Unscrambled can generate. 

This is the startup screen that allows access to the main functions of the program.

Agility Unscrambled Evaluation Copy
Agility Unscrambled Discussion Group

This screen is where you setup the basic information about your trial.

This screen is where you add owners and dogs.

This screen is where you enter dogs into the trial.

With this screen you can generate many type of reports.

This screen is where scores are entered during the trial.

This screen is where you generate final reports and electronic qualifier file to send.