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Pay with PayPal !!

When you use PayPal to pay for your upgrade, an email will be sent to me.  I will then email your upgrade license.  You may download the upgraded software at any time.  What you install will run as an evaluation copy until you receive and install your license.

Due to the charges incurred from PayPal there will be a 3% + $0.30 USD surcharge on all domestic PayPal orders and 4% +$0.30 USD on international orders.  For the upgrade that is a charge of  $1.80 on domestic orders.  If  customers outside the USA wish to send money via postal mail they must send an International Money Order Payable on a US bank or there will be a $10 surcharge to cover fees at my bank for depositing foreign funds.  Please note that the price below DOES NOT include any surcharges.  When you click the BUY NOW button the 3% PayPal surcharge will be added.  NOTE: An additional 1% will be added for customers outside the USA when I process the payment thru PayPal.

Pay for your Upgrade with PayPal!!!
*** Note: Paying with PayPal is optional - email me for my mailing address if you wish to pay by check.

$50 Upgrade Version 3.1.x.xx  - License will be emailed manually after receipt of payment, please give me a few days.  I usually get them out in 48 hours but if I am hosting a trial or have family events it may take longer.

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