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Here is a sampling of the more important reports produced by the program.
*** All reports may be exported to PDF format. ***
(You need not own Adobe to export to PDF. )
The Reports you see here are copies of those produced by the NADAC program.  The DOCNA reports are similiar.

Confirmation Letters  may be emailed or US mailed.  Printed Confirmation Letters are designed to fit in window envelopes.

Scribe Sheets are printed with sheet numbers to help when ordering the sheets for scoring etc.

The Ribbon Count Report   indicates the number of ribbons you need to order for the trial.

The Check in List  is used to check in exhibitors day of trial.

The Workers List lists everyone in the trial with their email address and the runs they are entered in.  This can be used with a list of volunteers to generate a volunteer schedule.

The Show Stats Report indicates the total runs by ring, by day.  It also indicates the number of runs by ASCA/AMBOR dogs.

The High in Trial can be calculated from any runs the show committe chosen.  The same was calculated from Regular and Jumpers.

The Financial report lists every check recieved and a total income for the show.

The NADAC Report is a summary required by NADAC of the runs in the show.

The Judges Report is a summary of runs by judge that can be used to determine how much should be payed to each Judge.

The Catalog when printed on a color printer has the dogs that Q highlighted in yellow per NADAC requirements.   The catalog may be exported to PDF format for emailing to AMBOR.

The Individual Results is contains the individual dogs scores for the weekend.  It may be emailed to exhibitors when the trial is over so they have a permanent record of their results for the weekend.