Program Requirements
How To Purchase
Existing Customers
The ALL NEW Program sells for $350.
        and Supports NADAC, DOCNA, and ASCA
*** Scroll down for pricing options.  ***

 NO Need to buy Microsoft ACCESS - this software stands on its own!!!
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*** The re-write of Agility Unscrambled is now finished.  The new software  includes many new features and supporsts - NADAC, DOCNA and ASCA.  We are very excited about the new package and are certain you will love the new features and improvements.

Licenses are NOT generated automatically.  Sorry but I am not that sophisticated!!   I generally respond pretty quickly to license requests but please try to give me 2 weeks from date of receipt of funds.  You can always start data entry with the evaluation copy while you wait.

IMPORTANT!!! Software License Information:  
Please review the software license before purchasing the software    

Technical Support:
Email Support is free.  Phone support is at your cost for the phone call.
Please set up your email filters to accept all emails from "help@agilityunscrambled.com" 

To Pay with Pay Pal:  
Click on the $ button to the right.
Questions or to pay by US Mail:
Customers outside the USA must send an International Money Order Payable on a US bank or there will be a $10 surcharge to cover fees at my bank for depositing foreign funds. :O(

Email me by clicking on the email star to the right !

Options for Trying the Software before you buy!!
Download an almost fully functional evaluation copy valid for 4 weeks. 
(This version will not produce a valid NADAC or DOCNA qualifier database and will not print.  Reports can be viewed on the screen)  CLICK HERE to download.

$50 Try before you buy A $50 non-refundable fee licenses your club to use the program for your next agility trial.  If your club likes the program and purchases the software within 6 months the $50 is credited toward your purchase price and you owe only the remaining funds.  This option is available ONLY ONCE per club. 
***NOTE: The intent here is to give your club the chance to try out the software before making a full purchase or to delay payment until trial profits are in.  This is not a charge for paying by the trial!!  Per trial license fees can be found below.

Options for Purchasing the Software!!
  Remember when comparing software prices - you DO NOT need to own Access to run this software!!
$100 Per Trial License - This is designed for organizations whose intent is to use the software for one trial only with no intent to purchase a full license.  The per trial license is the same for all venues.  Please don't abuse the $50 Try before you buy option. :O) $100
$350  Full Purchase price - Pay this for a license for a single venue.    Please be sure to indicate the venue you are purchasing  the license for.
$300  Balance - Pay this amount if you paid for a $50 Try before you buy license in the last 6 months. $300
$150 2nd Venue Purchase price - If you are already licensed to use the software for another agility venue then pay this price. $150
$100 3rd, 4th or more Venue Purchase Price - If you are already licensed to use the software for 2 or more other agility venues then pay this price.   $100