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Supports NADAC, ASCA and DOCNA trials .
Web site under construction to reflect new version

This is a really great progam designed to make your job as show secretary easier.  The program does everything from the premium thru the final paperwork and electronic files required by NADAC.  Even the most novice of trial secretaries can organize a trial like a pro.  Extremely user friendly interface requiring little to no knowledge of databases or spreadsheets.

Browse thru the Screens and Report links at the left to learn more about the program.  Check out the How to Purchase link to get an evaluation copy of the program, learn how you can "try before you buy" or how to buy the software outright.

Egroups have been formed for both DOCNA and NADAC/ASCA customers to help with keeping informed, understanding how to use the software, to discuss problems and enhancements .  You will be invited to join when you try or buy the software.